These are some quick notes on getting ronn and it’s dependancies installed on FreeBSD. Next entry here, in a couple of weeks, will have some interesting PCI pass-through related fun.

Installing Ruby tool ‘ronn’ on FreeBSD

This weekend I converted chyves to use the Ruby tool ronn as the man page generator for the project. Previously txt2man was being used but it lacked the ability to control the formatting and also the complexity of the chyves man page exceeded txt2man’s intended simple use case. There are now 2,200 lines in the chyves man page from 487 at the time of forking.

Install bash:

pkg install bash curl ca_root_nss

Add the file-descriptor file system entry to /etc/fstab:

fdesc    /dev/fd     fdescfs     rw  0   0

Mount the new entry:

mount fdesc

Enter into the bash shell:


Download the Ruby Version Manager:

fetch -o ./

Review the shell script you just downloaded from the interwebs and make sure you are willing to execute that code as root against your most precious data. Seriously, I’ll wait…

Run that shell script you just reviewed:

bash stable

Import the RVM environment:

source /etc/profile.d/

Install Ruby version 2.2.5

rvm install 2.2.5

Install the Ruby gem ronn:

gem install ronn

Now you can use the make docs directive from the chyves source directory after making changes to rebuild the documentation files… because laziness.


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